Respite in the morning
Respite in the morning morning stories

wlworchids Better than ever
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I don’t like waking up, but I like mornings. It’s so nice to wake up before your alarm clock sometimes

Respite in the morning

Quiet, peace, and warmth

It's dark, with light piercing through in flecks of pale blue.

Music from my dreams carries into my smile as I step through consciousness. Still smiling with no ones words to carry but my own, and there are none.

The weariness of my soul hasn't hit me yet and I feel nothing but my own warmth and tranquility.

Time feels still and the moment becomes my eternal wish.

But then more light pierces through the sky, I feel the coldness in the air hit me as a sudden awakening.

I sense the stress and fear in my head weigh on my shoulders, my heart is heavy, my body is lead.

My eyes plead for rest.

And I sigh and prepare for battle once more.

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