The Lies

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withinwalls the (im)possible journey
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Love between the lies

The Lies

We are flying high, higher than I've ever been before

With you, I can touch the stars, drink the galaxy

Our wings are causing creases in our clothes, all we want is to escape

We don't need words to explain that society is insane, we see the same

You are part of me like I've never been part of someone before

You grow inside of me, feed of my soul

You lift me up so high, I won't survive the fall

Our limit is infinite, our love is divine

Your lies are within you, and I can see through

We can't escape, this is your world

How can I love when your life knows no truth?

Your chains are disrupting the flight, clipping our wings

Your honesty doesn't exist and you are bringing me down

I'm so addicted to you, I can't get away.

Your lies will be fatal, but I know them all, baby, all

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