Feeling Colors
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witchet I'm trying to enjoy writing again
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I should say that I'm slightly colorblind and I realized I'm basically describing synesthesia.

Feeling Colors

Blue is a color and a feeling

Kind of how orange is a color and a fruit.

It doesn't work with yellow though

You don't say "I've had a very yellow day"

But maybe we should.

"A very yellow day" put something in your mind didn't it?

You probably thought of a very bright happy day

If I were to say I had a red day

You'd think angry or passionate, right?

Maybe we should use colors more to describe ourselves

Because there isn't one single definition of feeling a color

In fact blue is the only color with an official feeling definition.

I'll start

My week has been filled with grey and brown days with a splattering of green

Take that as you will

How has your week gone?

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