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winterheart WARRIORS of HOPE #blacklivesmatter
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I thought you would be the end of me...

You are peace

When I first knew about you, I admit

I wasn't happy, I was very scared

Very confused

Very emotional

To me I looked at you as my end

A one way street to total and complete disaster

So many thoughts flooded my mind about you

So many tears left my eyes in hopes of washing away my sadness

I wanted you gone

I wanted to get rid of you

I had the means of doing it

I had the means of doing it I wanted to do it

So many times I stared at the pills

I did not want to disappoint anyone

I already had your sister out of wedlock and having you too scared me

A voice in my head always stopped me

Day after day

Day after day Night after night

Day after day Night after night Morning to morning

I could not do it

Weeks quickly turned into months

I was seating at a restaurant eating dinner

I felt bubbles in my stomach

That is the only way I can describe your first movements

In that moment, again

Reality hit me

Reality hit me It hit me hard

You are alive

You are mine

I smiled to myself and whispered

There you are!

Who? I heard a voice ask

The baby kicked I said smiling

Really? Are you sure? The voice asked me again

" Yes " I responded " Our baby just kicked "

The look your father had on his face was priceless

He looked, scared, confused and happy at the same time

I guess reality was hitting him too

I am so in love with you

I'm happy, you are with me

Feeling you kick, and move around in my tummy

That is what I look forward to each day

Your kicks and your sisters smile every time she talks about you.

She can't wait to meet you

She already loves you too

We all love you

You have a lot of people waiting for you to come out and face this world with us...

It will not be easy

You will be just fine

You are peace baby boy

You are my peace

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