You Are Not Broken
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winterheart WARRIORS of HOPE #blacklivesmatter
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"Heed my words."

You Are Not Broken

There are so many stories, and so many voices inside and outside. You just need to choose what to listen to

On the outside you hear whispers and voices you do not recognize You catch subtle looks of disapproval from strangers and close ones too

The misunderstanding keeps you awake at night. You struggle with trying to be the person you think people want you to be, and the person you really are.

You think that just because people do not understand you or like you You're the one that's wrong You are the big mistake You are missing the picture

On the inside, the voices tell you lies The voices make you believe you are NOT going to amount to anything. The voices speak failure and defeat

You need to accept that you are, and always will be, more than the world.. Some people do not understand you Comma reader, and that is okay.. Some people will try to break you...

It will hurt Not as much as it would if you didn't go forward Keep moving forward..

Some people will leave you behind Leave you in the darkness Don't accept defeat, do not fade away into the abyss

Love everyone After that when you're gone, people will remember that you were full of love. Not the one who did not know how "Heed my words."

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