We Were Friends Once
We Were Friends Once heart stories

winterheart WARRIORS of HOPE #blacklivesmatter
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A blurb from a book I just finished writing :) It will be published sometime in April

We Were Friends Once

I stood there staring into her eyes and all I saw was coldness, she is not the girl I knew

That was the part I couldn’t process. That after all these years she could look at me with cold eyes, and no love inside her heart.

The clarity of it all stung all the way down to the bone. Not enough words in the English language could describe the wave of emotions I am feeling at this moment

I could not stand the sight of her anymore so I jumped in my car and left

I felt like the four walls of my room were closing in on me. I screamed at the top of my lungs, I could not stop screaming.

I was so overwhelmed with pain, so much pain, all I could do was cry. I was so angry with myself for being so weak, so trusting, so nice, and so freaking naive to believe I had a friend in her, a sister in her.

My heart was shattered

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