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Forbidden love


ROSE "How did this happen to us Easton?" EASTON "I don't know Rose."

ROSE " I wish things were different." EASTON "Not a day goes by that I don't think of that."

ROSE " Just say the words." EASTON "What will be the point?"

ROSE "I wish Italy never happened to those two." EASTON "Sometimes I wish that too, and then I remember how she makes him so happy."

ROSE "You are amazing, you know that?" EASTON " So is John apparently." ROSE "Don't start, you know how I feel."

EASTON "He better be good to you Rose, or I will hunt him down." ROSE "Like a good big brother?" EASTON "I am serious."

ROSE "I don't want to marry him E." EASTON "Then why are you doing it?" ROSE "Because you are my step brother."

EASTON "That is not a reason." ROSE "I wish I had met you two years ago." EASTON "You would not have liked me back then little flower."

ROSE "Maybe, but at least you would not have been my step brother." EASTON " Can you believe I have only known you for a year, and I cant imagine my life without you."

ROSE "You have my heart, but I need to marry John. It will help me move on from you." EASTON "Marrying him is not how you do it."

ROSE "Give me a better option." EASTON "Wait." ROSE "For what? Our parents to get a divorce? That might never happen."

EASTON "I can't sit around and watch the girl I love marry someone else." ROSE " I am sorry, but I can't wait forever. We should have never fallen in love in the first place."

EASTON " You think I didn't try to ignore your presence in the house. A pretty girl in the room next to mine? I tried Rose." ROSE "I know, I know because I tried too."

EASTON "So this is our last day together, before you are his wife? ROSE "Yes, and after that, I will only be your step sister. Not the girl you are in love with."

EASTON "Tell that to my heart." ROSE "We can't do this anymore." EASTON "I know."

ROSE "I hope you find a girl that makes you so happy Easton." EASTON "That's it? You are giving up?" ROSE "I have no choice Easton."

EASTON "Say you don't want me, tell me I am a fool for loving you." ROSE "If you are a fool, then I am a fool too."

EASTON "There is no law saying we cannot be together Rose." ROSE "I know."

EASTON " You can't do this to me little flower." ROSE "You don't know what you really want Easton."

EASTON "Rose, please don't.

ROSE "You offer me nothing more."

EASTON "That's it? Tomorrow you will be his wife and out of my life?"

ROSE " Stop, Please, stop." EASTON "Really?" ROSE "Yes, I will be his wife."

EASTON "I don't want to let you go." ROSE " You have to. I am hurting too" EASTON "What do you want?"

ROSE "What I want does not matter. Tomorrow I say I do to John." EASTON " I can't change your mind?" ROSE "Not this time."

EASTON "Then you will drown my heart." ROSE "My heart drowned first." EASTON " I know."

ROSE "Lets make tonight count okay babe?" EASTON "I will always love you." ROSE "I know."

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