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winterheart Reality or Fiction :) I write it all
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Being a girl you want to feel protected..

Silent screams

WARNING: This is about girls being molested around the world...


Being a girl you want to feel protected

But what happens when one day it all shatters

Don't move, don't make a sound

And all over sudden your mind is numb

Your mind is numb from the knowledge of the betrayal


How Is this happening to me?

You wonder as you feel his strong hand over your mouth

You try to wiggle free from his grip

He holds your body tighter

"STOP" you manage to say

I won't hurt you" he says

I just wanna rub myself on you

Tears start to fall down your cheeks as you lay there wanting to be lifeless

If you say anything, he continues to speak, I'll hurt you

You stay there unable to do anything but cry

After he works himself up and releases his disgusting semen on your leg

He releases you

Nothing in this world can change the horror you have seen and experienced

Sometimes People near you are the ones who do you more harm

Years after the horror you had seen and experienced

Now thousands of miles away from the one who assaulted you

You still don't know how to tell your story.

Just like the many young girls all around the world who have now grown into women

You were molested

It can happen to anybody and it's scary when it happens but you will survive

Don't let it define who you are

Don't let it destroy you

No more silent screams

No more crying without a sound

Through this apparatus we will make a difference

Being a girl you want to feel protected

Being a girl you want to feel protected But what happens

Being a girl you want to feel protected But what happens When it all shutters

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