Broken Wings
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winterheart WARRIORS of HOPE #blacklivesmatter
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Do not abuse the one who loves you.

Broken Wings

She loved me more than she loved anyone. I knew it, the whole world knew it. She was the best thing to ever happen to me, and yes I abused it. I abused the power she gave me and I surely regret it. The day she walked away was the hardest for me.

"Who are you if not mine?" I asked her. She turned to face me one more time. She came so close I could feel the heat of her breath on my skin.

" I am free my love, I am free." She responded and walked away from me. I knew the woman had wings, but when she decided to use them to get away from me. Even I had to admit how beautiful she looked flying away.

I broke her wings for so many years without noticing she was getting stronger every single time I did it. Yes, my woman, my angel got away from me and my heart has never recovered. My heart will NEVER, recover.

And her wings will never break again...

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