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It was the most intoxicating scent, I had to stop myself from sniffing the air.

LUNA ( CH 2 )

HELLO beautiful YOU Here is the second chapter for you.. Make sure you click nice and slow Spend 2 seconds on the GIF slides

A knock sounded at the door waking me up from my sleep, I rushed to open it and found a confused Iris standing outside my room.

IRIS "What Happened?" She asked looking worried. LUNA "Nothing, why?" IRIS "You left the party without saying anything and I could not mind link you."

LUNA "Remember Mike?" IRIS "I am not an idiot, yes I remember him." Iris looked at me even more concerned. LUNA "Something is off about him now."

IRIS "I thought you didn't care about that?" She speaks while slowly sitting down on my bed LUNA "I didn't but now, I don't know."

I took a deep breath and let it out slow but the pressure remained in my chest LUNA "He is different from the time I was with him. He even smells different." IRIS "oh, really?"

She stops talking and suddenly has blank stare like she knew something I did not.. LUNA "Iris, what is it?" She just smiles at me and gets up to leave. LUNA "What are you doing."

IRIS "My mom needs me home." Just like that, she left. I was so furious at her, I could use my alpha rank to make her pay for it..

The next week went by very fast, I saw Mike and Jen walking hand in hand laughing and joking around. Needless to say, I spent the next two weeks after that, feeling the same way. Betrayed and abandoned. I was ignoring everyone

Every morning when I get up I do not find myself near peace than I did when I slept. I was that depressed, nothing moved the same way, everything slowed down. Today when I got to school, I decided I’ll talk to Jen and Iris. I spotted them in the cafeteria

LUNA "Hi" JEN "Look who decided to come back to the land of the living." IRIS "How are you feeling Luna? I’m glad you decided to stop avoiding us."

LUNA "About that, I'm sorry." JEN "How are you? why couldn't we mind link you? LUNA "I am not dying or anything, I just blocked mind link." Something only an Alpha can do

IRIS "We were worried about you." LUNA "I know, I’m all good now." JEN "Have you spoken to Mike? IRIS "Seriously Jen?"

JEN "I cannot lie to her anymore Iris, she is my Alpha." LUNA "Lie to me?" I held my breath as I waited for them to spit out whatever it is they have been lying about. JEN "We are mates."

LUNA "What is that supposed to mean?" I asked clueless and confused JEN "Mike is my mate." I froze remembering what he said to me " You will always be my first choice Luna, but I can't control this."

My wolf was outraged wanting out but I pushed her back in knowing that humans were watching us. I couldn't help my eyes as they turned from dark brown to bright yellow, I knew I had to get out of there... I ran, I ran as fast as my human body could allow. After I got away from humans.. I shifted into my wolf and let out the loudest cry..

The alarm on my phone sounds and I wake up to a brand new day. I take a quick 30 minute shower and I head downstairs. I find my parents at the table eating breakfast and making each other laugh. If anyone else from the pack saw them right now, it would be a strange sight for them.

My dad has bright gray eyes, something I did not inherit. I took my mothers beautiful brown eyes instead. I was shorter than most seventeen year old girls, standing at five foot two. I also inherited her beautiful long jet black hair. My parents are my best friends.

I walk towards them with a huge smile on my face.. DAD "Luna, good morning baby?" I give him a huge bear hug LUNA "Good morning daddy." And then I kiss my mom on her cheek

We sit there and eat breakfast. My parents found out about Jen and Mike being mates and let me stay home. Everyone in the pack was looking at me weird and treating me like I have some illness just because of this..

DAD "Are you ready for school?" I smile at my dad to keep him from worrying longer about me. LUNA "Yes I am." MOM "New school, I am excited for you."

DAD "I am not happy about your decision to switch schools Luna." During my week break I decided to switch to West Valley High, it is a school between our territory and The Hollows. My dad did not like the idea of me going to school with our rival pack. The untamed Hollows

The Hollows are a pack manly consisting of young werewolves. I hear their Alpha is only a teen, making him unpredictable and my father hates him. To my dismay, Jen, Iris and the boys also enrolled at West Valley High, It has my father written all over

LUNA "You made sure I am not alone dad." I said sounding angry, which earned me a low growl from him. DAD "It is for your protection, it is their job to keep you safe."

LUNA "I was trying to get away from them dad." I whined like a little girl DAD "You will find your own mate someday pup, and all this will be forgotten. You are going to enemy territory and you need your pack"

I get to my new school and I could already smell all the other wolves. It was definitely out of my territory of East Valley. This school had more wolf than human students. I like that fact about it, and the Hollows being here is just an addition to my thrill seeking boring life.

I walk into the huge school, which to my surprise is really beautiful. I could see my friends down the hall. I see Iris smiling at Jake while he kisses her forehead and Jen is standing next to her holding on to Mike for dear life. Even though it stings seeing their relationships, I am also happy for them.

Yes, I am happy for Jen and Mike too. Finding a mate for a werewolf is like breathing. Imagine always having a void inside you, and there is nothing you can do about it. You just feel it, every day, every hour and every minute. That is how it feels when you do not have a mate.

I get into my first class and my wolf is excited about something, it took me a minute to realize I was sniffing the air. It was the most intoxicating scent, I had to stop myself from following the smell. It was earthy, yet musky and exciting, so so intoxicating

I heard a voice from outside the classroom and my body responded to it. I felt an overwhelming need to find him, that is when my wolf said something that startled me. "That is our mate."


I will finish this story, I am just not sure when...

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