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"It is time to move on Catalina."

Intense Passion

Warning: This is a PILOT chapter, so it will be short.. Its pretty much an introduction to the story ahead...

Catalina Gatrove ( Main Character ) Sassy, Adventurous and very beautiful, she just doesn't know how gorgeous she really is. Moved from the United States to Italy. Age: 21

CATALINA ( POV ) I love going to the beach, I prefer going to places where nobody knows who I am. Especially when I feel a crippling depression trying to take over me

I am used to being hurt, It does not get to me.. But this, this is a whole new feeling

I am used to being hurt, It does not get to me.. But this, this is a whole new feeling And HE is to blame

My name is Catalina

My life was good, my family is great but I felt that something was always missing. I had a great boyfriend, he was sweet and he was my best friend. His name is Matthew, Matt is what I call him, he is a college graduate and he wanted to marry me.

My parents loved him and so did I but something was always missing. Every time I would be with him, I felt love, but we had no passion. And because of that, I had to let him go.

One day I packed my suitcase, emptied the savings account my parents had set up for me since I was a child and moved away. That was enough for me to get my apartment and a car, plus furniture. My parents were upset with me for taking off without permission.

I was a legal adult when I decided to drop everything and leave Indiana, and all the people I care about behind. I now live in Italy and I can't say I found what I've been searching for, but I am still hoping, still searching

June/15/ 2017 Had it been pure foolishness to believe that there must be something more, something better? Here I am, in a beautiful city, with the ocean a drive away but nothing, I mean nothing magical has taken place.

It's days like these that I wish I never left Matt, I sure do miss him. "It is time to move on Catalina." A song I keep singing to myself, but how? Maybe I never should have left home. Anyways, it is a brand new day. I am off to work at Jilo's Coffee shop.

It's been slow today and it is almost time for my break. “Miss? I would like to order something." I heard someone speak behind me and I got so annoyed, it's almost time for my break. I tried to ignore the voice and kept trying to leave. "Excuse me, miss?" The man continued to speak.

I turn around with an attitude that I couldn't control and was met with two amber eyes. My mouth automatically open and I'm at a loss for words. He had the kind of face that stopped you in your tracks. I guess he must get used to that, the sudden pause in a person's natural expression when they looked his way. He was handsome, so so gorgeous

It made me sick to my stomach how he made me instantly want him..

TO BE CONTINUED..... The next chapter is out NOW

( A little look into the next episode ) ........................ Attraction is a magnet. It's that thought inside your head that says "There's something here." ........................................ He came closer and whispered in my ear. "Today at midnight, my club." He winked and walked away..

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