If You Want
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A short story of love and courage

If You Want

"Can we try again, please?" He begged. "No, I cannot do it." I answered, very sure of myself. "Why are you saying this?" He looked so pained, it almost broke my heart.

Even though I wanted to hold him, hug him and love him. I could not do it. We need to move on, our relationship is starting to feel too toxic. I been with him for three years and no promise of marriage, no true commitment.

"We are good together, right?" He asked. "We are such a damn good couple, so good that I cannot even get a wedding proposal! I cannot live like this, do you understand?" I asked him.

"When you love someone you do not give up on them; you keep trying. I can't be without you." He said. "That right there is the problem. You want me to keep trying with you and yet you do not want to commit to me. I can't do it." I told him.

"You will not survive out there without me." He said. "Are you being serious right now?" I asked him.

"I made you who you are today Abigail, you moved out your parents house and straight into mine." He said that looking passed me, avoiding my eyes.

"Your house? Now it is all yours right?" I asked, feeling hurt and offended by his comments. "I didn't mean it like that, I am just going through stress right now. You are trying to leave me damn it." He shouted, causing me to jump back.

"I need to be loved, I want a family, I want children!" I shouted back. "Fine, you want children? I will get you pregnant, even tonight!" He shouted back, veins popping out his forehead.

"I wanna get married John, not just have kids!" I screamed, and he looked stunned, like I said something so foreign. "So you wanna give all this up for marriage?" He asked. "Yes, I deserve it, the commitment of forever." I answered.

"I don't want to get married Abi, it is not in my future." He said, looking me straight in the eyes. My heart broke, and I could not contain the pain anymore.

"Are you even listening to me? Abigail!" He shouted. "Yes, I am listening and you still haven't said anything to convince me to stay."

"If that is what you really want, then you can go. I will just find someone else." He said challenging me. My heart was crying from his words..

"Look at me John." I ordered. "Take a good look at me. You think you can scare me by dangling other women to me?" I chuckled, and continued. "I have taken so much shit from you the past three years, I am done!" I shouted.

"I am beautiful and capable of anything I set my mind on, don't you think you can take that away from me. You are not the only man I can have, trust me. Someone will love me more than you ever could and I will NEVER take less than what I deserve again. Goodbye John, forever." I said and walked away..

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