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" Well If I cannot have you Cole Mathews, no woman will, and I will make sure of it."


If you have not seen chapter 1 AND 2, you will not understand the story.. Do enjoy it though :) THE FINAL CHAPTERS


Does loving him make me a bad person? I am not a bad person at all. I have a heart, and I do have morals. I feel bad for Isabella and what she might be going through at this moment, but I love Cole and I can't just walk away. We drove out of Tuscany and ended up close to Venice.

Cole drove us to The Isle Of Memories. We had little conversation on our drive here, it was the longest two hours of my life. I tried to talk to him, but he wanted to be alone with his thoughts. I do understand him though, he is going through a storm in his mind, a storm I brought on.

Cole is what you call a good guy, that is the best way to describe him. I fell in love with him because he is the kind of man you can trust with your heart. If I never walked away from him, he would have never let me go. He is the man you pray for, and end up getting married to. That is why I know he is struggling to make sense of his actions today, he is in turmoil.

The Isle Of Memories

When we got to our destination he jumped out the car before I could say anything, so I slowly followed behind. He stopped when we reached a small garden with fake flowers, when I took a closer look I noticed my name written in the center. "Cole, what is this?"

"This is your memorial Jade." Astonished I stared at him wide eyed. "What do you mean my memorial?" He inhaled and exhaled slowly before answering my question, his eyes fixed on this so called memorial.

"For years I was desperately trying to find a way to move on from you, and everything I tried was to no avail. Four years ago I found out about this place, I came here and created this memorial for you. Every time I would miss you, I would take the long drive here and talk to you through this." I was in shock and at a loss for words.

"Cole, I am not dead. If you needed to talk to me you could have reached out to me, not create a memorial for me." He let out a little laugh while he shook his head. "You do not understand, Isle Of Memories is not a place for the dead, it is a place for closure in any situation."

I just stared at him, I was trying to understand what all this meant for him. " Look Jade, the point is I made this because I was closing the door to us. I came here when I met Isabella to speak my feelings about trying again, and I came here when I asked her to marry me. I came to say goodbye that day."

"To say goodbye? To me?" He just shook his head in response. "So now what? What are we doing here Cole?" He looked up at me searching my eyes. "I honestly do not know. I had no plans of seeing you again.

Jade my whole system is in shock right now." I smile at him to reassure him that I understood. " I know, this was not in my plans either. I heard about you getting married and my system was also in shock. I needed to see you, I needed to hear it from you. I know what we had was special.

We had a love people only dream about. You needed me to come with you six years ago and I refused. I was not ready to let go of my family and my life in London, it was so sudden Cole. I have regretted my decision since." He then gave me one of those half smiles and held out his hand for me to hold.

I took his hand without question and he starts leading me back to his car. "Jade I thought about you everyday since we parted. I even had days when I thought I saw you, I was losing my mind. My family was worried about me, that is when my step-sister Lucy introduced me to Isabella. Everyone thought she was what I needed.

It was hard at first, being out with Isabella and getting close to her. My body and my mind were willing to move on but my heart, my heart was refusing to let you go. I constantly compared her to you and told her stories about us, until one day she was sick of it. I had to realize I was hurting her, so I stopped. I decided to focus on moving on instead, to focus on her."

I was walking next to him, and still holding on to his hand as he poured out his feelings to me. I felt a warm tear roll down my right cheek, but I did not want to alert him of it so I acted as if nothing was spilling on the inside of me. "I fell in love with her Jade, and today I made a fool of her when I drove off with you."

His words caused pain to lance through my veins. That is the moment I let go of his hand, I could not hold on to him anymore. "I am sorry I came." I was crying at this point, I could no longer control the emotions within me.

"I should have stayed in London, this is worse than anything I imagined. Looking at you and knowing you love someone else. I should have stayed home." He tried to hold me, tried to comfort me, but that just made it worse so I stepped away from him.

" I am sorry Jade, I just never thought I would see you again. I had no idea you still loved me, If I had, I wou." He stops talking and you could tell his mind has traveled far. "You would have what?" I asked anxiously. "I would have never let myself love another woman."

That is when it hit me, this man in front of me is Cole, the love of my life, but I am no longer the love of his.. "Can you please take me back, I need to go back to your sisters place." He smiles and nods yes "I'll take you to Anna."

I look up at him not able to hide the sadness in my eyes.. "No! do not take me to Anna, she will find me at her place later. I am sure she is with Isabella and the rest of your family at the moment." He nods yes again, and we were on the road. The two hours felt so suffocating, I could not get out of his car fast enough.

We got back to his sisters place and I jump out of the car. "Jade?" He called out to me, I kept on walking. "Jade please, I don't want to leave things like this." He sounded almost pained.

"You do not love me Cole, that knowledge is very painful for me, I can't be around you anymore." After those words I turn to leave him again. "This reminds me of you six years ago, when you walked away from me Jade."

His words made me instantly stop, so I slightly turn my head to face him. "This is nothing like the first time Cole, this time I am here, and you are telling me NO." He then jumps out of his car and comes to me.

Before I could outer another word, he pulls me in and kisses me very passionately.

For a moment I get lost in him, I forget that he is no longer mine. I forget that he is engaged to someone else, I forget my pain.. After a minute of getting lost in this man, I quickly recover. I quickly remember it is no longer my Cole I am kissing. I pull away and pull off the Rose Quartz necklace he gave me years ago and hand it back to him.

"Why did you just do that? This is hard for me too" He asks me. He looks me in my eyes and I almost felt like his heart was breaking too "It is no longer true to me Cole, I don't even know why you kissed me." ........................... "I could not let you believe I don't love you anymore."

I just stand there staring at him with teary eyes.. " I still love you Jade, but I made a commitment and I need to see it through. Please understand I have morals." I look at him and laugh, one of those painful laughs. "Morals? What morals? You just kissed me."

"Jade did you not hear a word I said? I am fighting against myself right now. I just cant betray the commitment I gave, It goes against who I am." He then takes hold of my hand, and I quickly pull away. I walk away from him, leaving him standing there watching me walk away...

I get into the apartment that belonged to his sister, my best friend and I felt unwelcome. I hurry and pack my bags and left for a hotel. "Idiot, idiot, Idiot, why did you come here you stupid, stupid girl. What did you expect? That he would leave his fiance for you? Stupid, stupid girl." I kept talking to myself.

I felt so stupid to have thought he would love me enough. " Well If I cannot have you Cole Mathews, no woman will, and I will make sure of it."

I felt so stupid to have thought he would love me enough. " Well If I cannot have you Cole Mathews, no woman will, and I will make sure of it... To Be

I felt so stupid to have thought he would love me enough. " Well If I cannot have you Cole Mathews, no woman will, and I will make sure of it... To Be CONTINUED

I'm sorry about leaving another cliff hanger lol This story is just so much longer than I thought it would turn out to be Thanks to @goldenratio0618 For telling me you wanted to find out what happens next lol

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