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“One two three look me in the eyes

Devil's parade

“One two three

look me in the eyes


see my soul

rock and roll

this life

ain‘t fun no more”

my reflection whispered to me

after three shots of vodka

and half bottle of whiskey

I was sad

the words my inner demons said

made no freaking sense

and I knew they lied

but still believed their lies

their words gave me the strength

to wish I was dead

I was searching for light

to save me from my daily night

with no stars and no moon

darkness was my doom

wanted to disappear really soon

“Three four five

that’s called weakness

my silly sinful child

you don‘t wanna die

that‘s another lie

why are you looking for light

Heaven is not the way you imagine it

or maybe it is, is it?

Oh, you will never know

since Hell is the path of your soul“

But I‘ve always treated people nice

never hurt nobody‘s self but mine

all I did was give them love

got told I was as lovely as a dove

caused pain to no one

what bad have I done?

“Six six six

Oh, my dear, you‘re so devilish

full of hatred

don‘t you see it?

Look in the mirror

and tell me what you like

I know your answer is nothing


You said you caused pain to no one

but that makes you a liar

because aren‘t you someone?“

I stared into my reflection

realised it was right

I disliked everything in my sight

and when I looked into my eyes

it felt like I swam in a dirty sea

made of my depression and anxiety

all the scars on my body

all the wounds on my soul

caused by the monster

standing in front of me

in the mirror, Miss Cruelty

I hurt myself so bad

I even wished for death

and now that I realised it

I stopped blaming the world

started hating myself a little bit more

Couldn‘t stand the view anymore

I punched the mirror

I broke it

but still saw my face in the pieces

my right hand was bleeding

but my left was alright

so I took a broken piece of glass

and smashed it into my eyes

hurt myself so much inside

became numb on the pain outside

now I couldn‘t see

but the voices in my head wouldn‘t shut up

I got so psychotic started throwing

pieces of glass everywhere around me

one of them was huge and heavy

pushed it too though

oh wait, it wasn‘t just the voices

but some people who tried to help me

I went crazy, started screaming

never meant to hurt someone else

but then I heard mommy crying

screaming daddy‘s name

I hit him so hard

I killed him

oh Satan, what did you made me do?

“Oh, silly, the evil‘s in you“

Then I heard a trigger

mommy killed herself

I was just sad


because of all the stress

drowning in despair

this isn‘t fair

I wanted to be the one who dies

not the people who gave me life

I never meant to do this

I swear

“To who? To God?

He is your enemy

you‘d better shut up

you ain‘t gotta worry

you haven‘t killed your dad

he is immortal

and is called Satan“

Shut up

I don‘t know you

stop messing with my head


you do

I‘m Satan‘s child

the real you“

Guess what

you won

now I‘m going to hell


you will have to wait

because first

you‘re going to jail“

I heard the sirens

I became the Queen of violence

I had to live so I could suffer

otherwise I would have died

since I don’t deserve to be alive

the hatred wouldn’t stop increasing

hated nobody but myself

Isn’t it silly

how if hatred wasn’t there

in the first place

none of this would have happened?

I heard my dad’s voice

“We love you honey”

then I heard mom’s

“Yes we do”

wait what how

they are dead

am I dead too now?

I opened my eyes and saw

the hospital’s walls

wasn’t I blind

what’s going on

“Oh my God, she woke up!”

they said with excitement

turned out when I hit the mirror

I lost too much blood

and I’ve been in coma

until now

never been happier

that I am alive

and I got my parents

by my side

I’m so glad this is the end

of the Devil’s parade

but the start of a friendship

now Satan’s my friend

he taught me a lesson

worth more than a mansion

Love yourself

appreciate yourself

treat yourself

the way you want to be treated

by everyone else!

P.S. Do the same with others, but always put yourself first. Stop underestimating and blaming yourself.

Stop all the negative thoughts you fill your mind with, kick them out like you would if you were little and they were strangers knocking on your door, don’t even dare opening it.

Open the door for positive thoughts like you would do for your friends. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, believe in yourself and start loving yourself. That is the key to success.

That is the key to happiness – self-love. You can do it without everybody and everything, but you can’t do it without you.

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