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windsomelight www.tumblr.com/wind-some-light
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Is this beatiful. Or just the pathetic contrived result of a lonely heart.

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by windsomelight

Haha well you know

Haha you know actually

Aha actually

. . .

. . .

You'd been typing for five minutes. The more time that passes, the more apprehensive you become of your reply.

Are there people who can just effortlessly type replies to anything like its normal? Why can't that be me?

Haha yeah

Lame. But whatever.

It's not like it matters. Why should I care.

You know maybe this would be easier if we saw each other more than once a year. If three texts a day wasn't all I had to look forward to.

Maybe this would be easier if there were more than a question mark after the word 'us'

Maybe this would be easier if I thought I knew you

But I don't know if I do

This started with just you caring. So why am I the one overthinking?

Why am I the one stuck with haze in my head

Smoke in my cells

Maybe this would be easier if I knew you were the one

Maybe this would be easier

If I knew you weren't

. . .

. . .

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