How I’ve Longed...
How I’ve Longed... poetry stories

wiltedablaze Community member
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I love her...

How I’ve Longed...

How I've longed for the days of now, where we can entangle ourselves for eternity in the clothes of love.

The days of old offered misfortune, sadness and despair and Spectating your hopelessness was incomparable to anything, for your happiness is mine in the same.

A rose oh so delicate to the touch, your thorns pierce my skin so sharply it's painless. Your pedals once wilted, the healing waters of us as one have begun to stitch the tears between them.

Allow me to hold you, to caress your kiss your wounds both shallow and deep.

The knives once buried into your body are no more, let me remove the blades and insert them into my chest, let the pain finally fade, my love.

My definition was incomplete before I met you, so lost in life before you were introduced. An angel to my sins, water to my parched lips; a kiss.... to a virgin of simple touch.

Your presence radiates purity in its finest; misunderstood, yet still standing tall. My dear, how I've longed for us...I love you.

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