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You are a terrible singer.<br/>But, somehow, your voice is music to my ears.

Your voice

by WillYouMaryMe

You don't have a good voice.

In fact,

You are a terrible singer.

But, somehow, your voice sounds amazing to my ears.

Not when you sing though.

When you pick up your guitar and sing all your favorite songs.

When you try to serenade me.

We end up laughing at your attempt.

But you don't know,

Just how much I love the sound of your voice.

It reminds me you're here.

It reminds me of all the nice things you said to me.

You are, indeed, a terrible singer.

You can just talk to me.

It has the exact same effects.

It will still make me smile.

I'll still remember it vividly.

I'll still want to hear it again.

It'll still ring in my head all day long.

I'm not a good singer either.

Everybody tells me to shut up.

That my voice is high-pitched and annoying.

They say the same to you.

But I don't want you to shut up.

Because, somehow,

Your voice is music to my ears.

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