I Have a Secret
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I am keeping a secret. A secret I don't want to share. A secret I can't share.

I Have a Secret

by WillYouMaryMe

I have a secret.

A secret I haven't shared with anyone yet.

Because I'm afraid of the consequences of sharing it

It can make me happy.

Or it can hurt me.

Now, let me tell you a story.

Once, I told my friends I had a boyfriend.

And although I was joking, they didn't believe me.

They said I would have told them before if I liked anyone.

They said that that was a secret I couldn't keep.

A secret I would always share with them.

I don't like secrets.

They destroy relationships.

Or they eat you alive.

But I know better.

I know better than to trust this secret to them.

Because the truth always comes out.

And I prefer it coming out later.

When these feelings are not there anymore.

Yeah, my secret is about feelings.

Feelings I have for a boy.

Feelings my friends don't know about.

So, when they said I couldn't keep this sort of secret,

They didn't know how wrong they they were.

Because I am keeping a secret.

I love someone.

But I'll keep this secret.

Because I prefer his friendship,

Than nothing at all.

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