Friends Make Fun of Friends, Right?

willyoumaryme8teen, weirdo & hopeless romantic
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Is it okay to make fun of our friends? The ones we were supposed to take care of? The ones we were supposed to make happy, not destroy?
Are friends 'allowed' to make fun of you with those little 'harmless' jokes over and over again?
How does the one at the end of it all feel? Have you ever thought about their feelings?

Friends Make Fun of Friends, Right?

by WillYouMaryMe

Friends make fun of Friends, right?

Friends can make fun of Friends, because they're friends, right?

Friends can make fun of Friends, because they laugh at the jokes, right?

Maybe she laughs, because she has heard too many times the same sentence

"We're just joking. Laugh about it"

And she does.

Even when they offend her.

Even when she gets hurt.

All jokes have some true to them.

So she starts 'overreacting'

Getting lost in the same thoughts over and over again.

'Do they really think that?'

'Am I that bad?'

But that's not the worst

Because these are the 'good' thoughts.

She starts wondering

'Are those really my friends?'

'Do they ever miss me?'

'Do they only miss their punching bag, the person they can make fun of and knock down, because she doesn't defend herself?'

They forget she has feelings too.

They only acknowledge them when they step too much over the line.

They say that they're sorry, that they'll stop.

But they never do.

Because she keeps hiding those hurt feeling and low self esteem over a fake smile or a fake laugh.

Because she doesn't want to be the mood killer.

Because she likes making people happy.

Even though she's not.

They disregard her when she says they have hurt her.

They disregard her when she tries to speak up for herself, when she tries to make them understand.

Understand that it's not okay.

That she's sick of it.

Sick of the same jokes over and over again.

Sick of the hurt.

Sick of them.

So I ask again

Are these really her friends?

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18 days agoReply
Boom! Someone dared to say it. I have been on the receiving end of that kind of joking and know how much it hurts. Now I preach to the teens in my classes about it. Thank you for expressing this so well.

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
4 months agoReply
This was a great exposition on that "friendship" thing. If she thinks that she cannot safely say stop, then she needs to find new friends. At least get rid of those. Great post!!!!