Best Friends Are Dangerous
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Best Friends know too much.
Best Friends can destroy you.
Best Friends are dangerous

Best Friends Are Dangerous

by WillYouMaryMe

Best friends are a dangerous thing to have.

They can make you happy

Or they can destroy you.

They know all your secrets.

They are a lifeline.

They have so much power over you.

You should be afraid of them.

They are too important.

You can't imagine life without them.

You rely on them for everything.

You tell them everything.

You trust in them.

They are the first ones you think of when you need help.

When times get rough.

When you feel like you have no one else in the world

They're always there.

And you know it.

You start wondering if your friendship is strong enough to survive everything.


Lack of communication.

New friends.



But dependence is dangerous.

If something goes wrong they can destroy you.

They can spill all your secrets to everyone.

They can use them against you.

They can leave you and take a piece of your being with them.

They have the power to break you completely.

More than a lover could.

When they leave, you'll feel alone.

Totally alone.

You won't know who to turn to.

You won't know who to trust.

Because you don't want to trust anyone.

Afraid of being hurt again.

Afraid they'll break your heart further.

You don't want to depend on people.

But friendship can make you vulnerable.



They give you so many memories.

Good and bad.

Memories that shaped you into what you are today.

Memories you'll never forget.

Memories that will make you nostalgic.

You try reaching out to them again.

But they don't care.

They ignore you.

They have already forgotten you.

And you wonder

'Was I as important to them as they were to me?'

Best friends are dangerous.

Are you willing to take the risk?

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