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Something more than wave or tide, draws me to the bluest deep.

I Feel The Sea

Something more than wave or tide,

draws me to the bluest deep.

As if to beckon, my soul abides,

kept secrets in it's depths it weeps.

Tempestuous rhythms, surging power,

enthrall me in the sands of time.

Briny wisps, walls that tower,

run to the shore of maritime.

The songs of gulls, fill the air,

portraits of sound fill my ears.

Cries of hunger, the voice of a prayer,

that only the sea might hear.

Leviathan surfaces gracing my eyes,

lungs filled with air to dive.

Returning to the deep, he sighs

in a language, they know he arrives.

Dolphins play as the water pleads,

they beckon me to know their essence.

They smile as if their minds can read,

my curious acquiescence.

The shore awaits a mighty pour,

the ebb and flow as time-keep.

Life awash upon the basin floor,

sustenance for the brine deep.

Symphonic pulsations of blue and green,

change hue with motion and force.

Ears have not heard, nor eyes have seen,

such power with no remorse.

I feel the sea as it becomes me,

my spirit is quenched and nourished.

I become one with its beauty,

as I'm nurtured and encouraged.

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