Why Can't I Be Me?
Why Can't I Be Me? gay stories

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Gay pride

Why Can't I Be Me?

by JJ

You were talking about being gay, Mom. You said to me, "Being gay is okay as long as it's not you, baby."

I'm so scared to come out now. I'm not just following a crowd.

I like girls, I like boys, I'm pansexual, to be exact. "Not acceptable," So you say. What's wrong with being partway gay?

You want grandkids? We can adopt.

Why can't you just stop?!

You know what Mom? Some people are gay, IT IS OKAY!

I'm into boys and girls, what are you going to do? Take away my life? Is that the price?

Why can't I be me?

I just want to be me...

I can't keep worrying about why I can't be me. It shouldn't matter if I'm gay, Mom. It shouldn't matter if I'm straight.

Can't you accept me for who I am?!

Please... let me be me...

Would it be better if I was never born?

Let me be me.


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