Lost stories

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by JJ

I was mistaken. The woods that I once saw beauty in now held pain.

When I looked to the sky, I no longer saw beauty. I saw change and new things. I ran as fast as I could but I could not escape.

For even if I escaped the world, the pain would remain the same.

Every blue sky I saw, turned to an ugly black.

Every beautiful thing I touched became chains and wrapped around me. Every unique thing turned flat and I couldn't turn it back.

So depressed I became and I longed to be whole. That's when she came, a beautiful rose.

She added color to my once colorless life. She said, "Not everything is okay but you can't give up hope that easily."

"Not everything is alright but you can't just give up on life."

But I learned, instead of a rose she was the moon. I was the sun. It was a forbidden love.

I only saw her once and awhile. That was enough. I felt like I was flying high, a world far above just the sun.

But the sky told me to run.

So I did. Now it's like our love never existed. The depression is back and my world is back to black.

I can still see her smile, her beautiful face. I can still feel her hand, I can still feel her pain.

She was drowning in a pond and I didn't help.

I stole her air without a doubt.

I didn't hear her cry, I didn't hear her shout.

Now it's too late.

She's lost in the crowd.

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