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Here are the answers to the questions asked by @photovoltaics, @t_astrid, @kira, @gachauwu, and @poeticworld! Thanks for reading!

Q and A Answers!

Here it is! I apologize for the wait, but a lot of these questions really made me think! Also, school started up again. That being said, I most likely will NOT be posting, commenting, or reading as much until sometime in August!

So, without further ado, please enjoy this introduction of myself, compiled with 36 questions! Enjoy!

Favourite food: None in particular, though I'll go ahead and say the meals my mother cooks. Her dishes are one of my favourite constants in life. Also, FRUIT. Give me a bowl of apples or something and it's gone. (Except for tomatoes.)

Favourite smell: Okay, this one I had to think about. It was either going to be food or my grandmother. My grandmother won. What can I say? She's a very huggable person.

Favourite drink: Ooooh, I'm thinking either blackcurrant juice or the apple-orange-peach juice box I got all the time as a kid.

Favourite ice cream flavour: I really like lychee! Especially the way a certain ice cream parlour makes it. Perfection, I tell you.

Favourite animal: Definitely armadillos or Alaskan malamutes! Sooo cute!

Favourite colour: Teal!

Favourite sport: DANCE. DANCE IS DEFINITELY A SPORT. But also soccer, European handball, and sparring!

Favourite weather: This depends! I really love waking up to heavy rain but when I'm out, probably clear skies at a mild temperature. Least favourite weather would probably be snow when I have to go places or very much hot and suffocating heat.

Favourite movie genre: Horror! Action! Thriller! Though I love some cringe-worthy teen romance movies once in a while. Some feel-good movies to make me feel better.

Favourite poem: I've read so many, it's hard to choose just one. Though one I read recently really stuck with me. It's called "Makeup" by Dora Malech.

It begins with: "My mother does not trust women without it. What are they not hiding?" Ain't that something to think about. "What are they not hiding?"

Favourite writer: SARAH J. MAAS IS QUEEN! I fall in love with every single character she writes. Her writing talent is amazing! She also makes my S/O standards skyrocket way up into space.

Favourite book: I can't choose just one, so here are a few I enjoyed: • Throne of Glass - Sarah J. Maas • Six of Crows - Leigh Bardugo • The Tattooist of Auschwitz - Heather Morris I'm all ears for any book recs!

Favourite genre to write on: Hmmmm, I do enjoy writing about emotions and negative feelings, but I think that's only because it's easier for me? On the other hand, I like writing open-ended things (eg. using a lot of metaphors) so that the interpretation of the piece is open to the reader.

Grade and favourite subject(s)? I'm heading to grade 12 in September! Favourite subjects would be dance (it's an offered course at my school!) and math (because there's usually only one answer to the problem. And I get numbers. Not so much letters.)

Any siblings? Yup! I have an older sister and a younger brother. Being a middle child isn't that bad. No one fusses over you :)

Most awkward moment: I cringed while writing this out. Enjoy this mess (and hopefully the mentioned person isn't on Commaful). Here we go.

So, as I mentioned before, I like sparring with people. One day, I was paired up with this dude who’s tall, friendly, suuuper good with kids, and two years older than me. We had our gloves on and started hitting each other (wow, we are so violent. Yay!).

Eventually, things got quick, and because he is actually like a teacher’s assistant and very advanced, naturally I got hit. In the upper area. Where, if I had the anatomy of a male, all would be fine. But I’m not a dude.

And so things got awkward. He just kinda looked at me, I looked at him, he tried to apologize, and I tried to play it off and ignore it. I got hit because I didn't guard myself. So what? I hit him back. I mean, I'm supposed to anyways. And best part is: I wouldn’t get in trouble. It was fun :D

Where do you see yourself in 5 years? If all goes to plan, I'll be in university, probably studying something related to medicine, chemistry, or engineering. Oh, and still being my awkward self, that's for sure! :P

Are you an introvert or an extrovert? An introvert. I'm not sure how you guys perceive me, but I think my online personality is one I want to adopt into my daily face-to-face life.

I'm generally a quiet person, preferring to listen instead of talk. I don't do well in groups or group chats because I always worry I'll say or do something wrong and will be judged for it. I love mostly keeping to myself, but it changes time to time. More on this on the next slide!

What's your personality? That's... a good question. You tell me ;) Haha, no, UM, I like to think that I’m a bubbly and happy person to be around, but also introverted and calculative at times. So, I guess I’m an ambivert? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Tell us a joke Hmmm.... I usually have an arsenal of puns up my sleeve (only the cringe-worthy ones though ;)) but I can't think of any good ones currently. Here's one: I was wondering why the ball was getting bigger. Then it hit me.

What are your Commaful ships? Hmmm, can't say I have one. Oh wait, maybe I do. Me, myself, and I.

What is your favourite post? Who made it? Whaaaaaaaat, you can't expect me to just choose ONE! I can't say I have a favourite post, there are just too many talented writers on here!

Who is your best friend on Commaful? Hmmm, that’s a toughy. I don’t really have a best friend, but three people I’ve really gotten to know and love talking to are: Zainab (@writetype), Megan (@themiddlechild), and Mary (@icefire) (though she's not active anymore (●︿●)).

They're super kind and fun people who I've had the pleasure of ranting to or even diving straight into abstract thoughts. I definitely appreciate you guys! Check out their pages! They're all talented writers!

Is it easy to overcome writer's block? I want to say no, but I also want to say yes? I think a lot of it depends on what you're trying to write. For essays or topics you're not quite familiar with (or just find dull), it's difficult to motivate yourself to think of words.

BUT, say it was a free write or a creative writing prompt, it is a bit easier to overcome writer's block. Personally, when I see the daily prompt on Commaful, I can get really stumped on ideas. Dunno if this helps, but you could always start with a word, then write a chain of words that are related to the previous one.

eg. starting word: microwave microwave > food > water > ocean > blue > sky > sun > solar system > gravity > etc. And just like that, you can write about how you can feel claustrophobic sometimes, with gravity weighing down on you. Maybe something about the emptiness around you, etc.

Career ideas? Oh boy, here we go. So I'm actually really undecided when it comes to my future. But I'm hoping to do something in the fields of medical, biochemistry, or engineering.

Hair and eye colour? Dark brown to black hair and brown eyes. (My hair gets suuuuper hot under the sun.)

Shoe size? I believe it's around a US 7!

Greatest anxieties? Either generalized anxiety or social anxiety. Sometimes, I can't focus on what I'm doing and a feeling of worry just washes over me. My heart suddenly beats faster, I'm over-alert, and breathing becomes something I need to work on.

But also, I cannot do class presentations or raise my hand to share an idea or answer. But but BUT, somehow, I do feel more comfortable in front of strangers because it's like I have a chance to choose who I want to be since they have no idea whatsoever of what I was like before. It's refreshing.

Ideal haircut? Probably no bangs and medium to long hair. It's hard to say otherwise since I've always had my hair this way, but I'll be cutting my hair into a bob next summer!

Pet peeves? • When the dishes aren't stacked with the biggest at the bottom • Being told I'm not acting lady-like • Erasing pencil but then the paper crinkles with the eraser • A partially messy desk. I'll take it either fully organized or a complete mess.

What kinds of music do you like? • lofi hip hop • mellow songs • piano music (I might be a little biased though since I play piano ;)) Current song I'm playing on repeat is called "Reality" (Radio Edit) by Lost Frequencies!

Any pets? If not, dream pet? Not sure if this counts, but my brother has two goldfish that SHOULD belong to everyone. He named them Little Puffer and Big Puffer!

Here they are! (Sorry! Bad quality photo :P)

Interests/hobbies? • Definitely reading and writing! • Creating full length movies in my head when I'm supposed to be sleeping! • Playing piano, guitar, ukulele, kalimba, and clarinet! • Dancing! • Math! (Don't judge me) • Occasionally, parkour!

What makes you happy? Sleeping. And living life knowing I have nothing on my schedule. And this one, I think it's a bit underrated, but spending time with my WHOLE immediate family and actually enjoying our time together. *sigh* It's been a while.

What got you into writing? Well, of course there was my mother who pretty much told me I had to write more to improve. At the time, I hated it, but it worked.

I also had this teacher who made us write in a journal everyday. It could be about your day, a story, anything. As long as we wrote in it. I was always an imaginative kid. I would pretend I was a fairy, a teacher, a singer—you name it. I had so much going on inside my head, I ached to put it down so I wouldn't forget.

Who is your favourite poet? One of my favourites is Audre Lorde! The first poem I read from her was "A Litany for Survival" and the last line really stuck with me. It said: "So it is better to speak / remembering / we were never meant to survive."

And that concludes this Q and A! Thank you all for reading and I'll see y'all in August! (I'll still be responding to DMs though expect a laaaaaaate reply.) See ya! ♪~ ᕕ(ᐛ)ᕗ

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