What is love like?
What is love like? love2016 stories

whxtevar I am but a simple human being.
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There are many ways to explain love to those who haven't felt it, these are just a few.

What is love like?

by whxtevar

Much like medicine...

Love in the right amount can heal, but too much of it can cause unfortunate side-effects.

Much like a storm...

Love can be loud and thunderous, or calm and peaceful. Some fear it, others dance in it happily.

Much like a smile...

You give it to those who seem lost and in need of it, but sometimes it becomes too hard to give.

Much like a lottery...

You hope and pray that you hit the jackpot but there's still that feeling of doubt...there's always that feeling of doubt.

Much like hanging off a cliff...

Could you fall? Could you stay there forever just to keep that moment lasting?

Much like sleep...

You want it all the time, but the time is never right. No matter how much you get it isn't enough.

Love is like...

Something you'll wonder for the rest of your life.

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