Where is God in War
Where is God in War god stories

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Where is God in War

by whoneedsaname

He is the one behind the bullets Who guides them to their mark

He is the one the murdered pray to Huddled in the dark

He is the reason men stand tall In faith that He is with them

He is the reason they live in Hell Believing in His Heaven

He is the one for whom all blood is shed This benevolent one who thrives off death

He is the one to whom last words are cried One last prayer as a final breath

He is the one who lets bombs fall Who sees them land exact and true

He is the one who drives men's hearts, And hear me now, He drives you, too.

He is justification And redemption And a will to carry on inside men's hearts.

Whether or not He's there at all He always plays a part.

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