Suburbia death stories

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Maybe originally a song


by whoneedsaname

You're got a dead-end life On a dead-end street

But they're happy as Kings With the world at their feet So you've thought it out, And now you've a plan To take revenge on your fellow man

You'll take their dead ends And rip them to shreds

There'll be no fear of disturbance When you're the only one who's not dead. No more late nights Filled with polite conversation No small-talk for these neighbours - Just eternal damnation

Yes, that'll do it! What a pleasant greeting:

To give the gift of a sharpened knife Upon every first meeting. There'll be no more housewives Not checking the post No more drunk DIY-freaks Proposing bad toasts

No more of these empties Too drab to be real

No more of these passives Who just pretend to feel No, none of those ones I'll see no more of that But there'll be no more of anything After your final attack

You see, you're just tired Of having to hear all this noise

To hear the lamentations of the boring Upon broken plastic toys And so you'll provide a cure For that ache in your head Some call it mass murder But really, it's just an advance for the dead.

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