Story (bored)
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Adaptation of ten shots of a storyboard for opening scene of Macbeth

Story (bored)

by whoneedsaname

Shot 1

Begin with bird (raven) Flying across menacing Clouds to music (lullaby?)

Shot 2

Cut to side (of building) With window. Bird flies (through window)

Shot 3

Cut to side (of cradle) Baby is waving hands (and stuff) Mother (witch 2) Reaches down And picks up baby (zoom out)

Shot 4

Zoomed out view (of room) Raven morphs Into woman (in cowled cloak) Baby starts crying.

Shot 5

Witch 1 slowly pushes Back cowl In horror movie (psychopath) Fashion. Lullaby goes into minor Key (or chromatic scale) Baby stops crying.

Shot 6

Door opens Behind witch 2 As she slowly pulls baby Towards her (chords = fortississississississimo ) Mid Shot.

Shot 7

More of same (with chords) Whilst witch 3 enters.

Shot 8

More exceedingly loud music Whilst witch 2 Turns around (music = morendo) Look of horror On the face of witch 2

Shot 9

Dialogue = "Tea?" (witch 2) No response.

Shot 10


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