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by whoneedsaname

It was a great day A great day to chase

For him, it was a hunt But for her, a race.

He would never know rest Till he held her tight

Until he'd caught and broken That pretty sight

Though she flew She could never hide

She was too frail To put up a fight.

So he chased her Like a moth to the light

Ever he chased her Both day and night

But she couldn't blame him For wanting to fly

He was stuck grounded But she had the whole sky

It didn't seem right And he didn't know why

But she was delight To his burning eyes

The chase was on And so she fled

But still he wanted her Alive or dead

He never would stop Until she was in his hands

Until he'd tied that creature Of sky to the land

And then came the time She couldn't get away

He pinned her down Forced her to stay.

He kept her close, Like the treasure he was not

But then threw her away When her wings began to rot.

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