"Mortal Cosset"

"Mortal Cosset"
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"Mortal Cosset"

Long big road's, deserted area with only spines visible. Time of dusk, aeon darkness all around, "why to take this path?"asks Anirudh. "This is the shortest route to travel in the night sire" replied his driver. Without even bothering, got busy in his cell'.

Anirudh, son of a leading business tycoon, satisfied with, had everything in his life, a black car of guards following, Anirudh checks his party pictures which he clicked recently. Suddenly, the car became precarious, with a dazzle everything became blot."

"Oo..ohh what's this mess!?" laughing with a deep firm, he heard. "Who.. who's there?", struggling to open his eyes, Anirudh asked. "There are some deeds, which no one can hide..I know what you did last weekend" the mysterious person replied. Listening to him, at a glance he went into flashback.

Devika, a happy, smart and kind hearted girl, got admission in her new college. It was her first day, with a spirit of enthusiasm and excitement, rushes towards her classroom, all of a sudden,she heard a loud sound "he..help!!".

She rushed towards, and found Anirudh and a person fighting. Anirudh grabbed the person's head and smacked on the water cooler. Seeing this she rushed to her classroom and sat on her desk, as if nothing just happened. After a few days, news came into flash, that a student found unconscious in college was in coma, college authorities are investigating the incident.

Listening to this, Devika decided to approach the authorities and tell them, what actually happened. Somehow, Anirudh came to know about Devika's plan, he became tensed and thought if authorities get to know about, he would be suspended, and all his father's image and respect would be demolished.

After a few weeks, Devika's body, in a pathetic condition was found near a swamp.

"Please!!... forgive me, I'm also god's own son.. please..!!" still struggling to see what's around, Anirudh replied. "These are the deed's of god's own son, right?!" the mysterious person replied. Grabbed Anirudh's neck and with a munificent force, dragged him out of the car.

Anirudh became unconscious, with a muzzy vision he saw, a person wearing a long black Cape with cankered ends, long hair with braid's, blood scattered on his face like a mask, walking near him. On the other side he saw, guards in blood, before he could do anything, the mysterious person grabbed his throat, "I'm not a fuckin' God, I'm a freakin' Demon" saying these lines, he broke his spine.

The body was dumped into the swamp but, this time it wasn't of the girl, it was of him. Laughing like a psychopath, the mysterious person disappeared into the dark.

"To make a hero out of someone, somebody has to be the villain" -VILEN

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