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Let's go home young man!


I packed my bags, and left the hotel for the local bus service. About 8 km from shimla is kiarighat. Bus arrived, struggling with my luggage, a local in the bus helped me.

Just after I got comfortable, I saw the passengers gazing at me. For a while, I checked whether I've shaved or not, but the way by which they looked at me, made all the difference.

Finally I lost my patience, I asked the local sitting behind me. "Excuse me" he looked at me.

Just like every typical villager, a blue coloured scarf and with a monkey cap, "yes, are you okay?!" he replied. "Why are they all gazing to me?".

"Don't you know, this seat on which you are sitting is cursed!" he replied. I became uncomfortable, and was about to leave the seat, "Don't worry, this all is just non sense, I usually travel to the town in that very seat only!", he replied making me comfortable.

"Why cursed?!" I asked. "Everyone say, 7 years from now, a traveller like you died on that very seat, none were able to find the reason!". Listening to this, I decided to quickly leave after the stop arrives.

Suddenly, my head smacked on the forward seat, I became unconscious and looked around, the bus was empty, no passenger, no luggage, nothing. From the window, I saw a beast like thing, staring to me like death. I was about to leave the seat, something grabbed me from behind and started choking me.

"AHH!"..with a deep breath, I woke up. "What happened young man! did you see a nightmare?" the local asked. Making me comfortable, he offered water.

"People say, the spirit can take any form, an animal, a beast, anything, but his favoured form is human" he replied. I became disquieted, I tried to stay serene.

"It's a saying, that the spirit take his victims to his place. Now you only tell, does he offer dinner or something or make them dinner?!" with a sarcastic smile, he told.

After few minutes, the last station arrived. With a contentment, I said goodbye to him and left. After walking for few meters, I realized that I left my phone, quickly rushed inside the bus. I saw the passengers, standing near my seat. What I saw the next shocked me,my dead body, lying on the seat. I stepped back, a soft sound came into my ears,

"Let's go home, young man!!"....

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