Love and Suffering
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It's been said that Love and Suffering are kin. It's true--I know them both too well.

Love and Suffering

It's been said that Love and Suffering are kin.

It's true--I know them both too well.

When one finds you and plants within,

The other is sure to grow and dwell.

They both grow, shape and learn the same.

They both bend, break, and reforge our will.

They both whisper and scream your name.

They both go on and on until we lie still.

If I could, would I part these twins?

Perhaps cast one off, or know neither foe.

Not If I've wisdom enough to see where life begins.

They will drag us all beyond the shallow.

With them I will see the universe in full,

I'll sail and count the stars, kiss the Sun and Moon--

All while tormented betwixt their push and pull.

And somehow when they leave me it will be too soon.

These two caught me with a bright "well-met",

And my soul later affirmed all else here true.

When? How? -- I swear it is without regret!

But it's when I met you.

Infinite, they fill me more each passing day.

It seems they lack a mannerly sense of bounds.

They each greet me in their own special way--

Heaven sends its hope, Hell sends its hounds.

But we fight on, for that deeply hidden treasure.

And with our searing knives, we never miss.

Only with pain have I ever known such pleasure--

Every gruesome cut receives its healing kiss.

Now to my point! I have some words--one more than two.

While we live on, may we always speak them true--

And speak them to none others, lest their mortal shells turn blue.

Those words of infinite power: I love you.

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