Sweet Potato Pie By: Whitley Fleming
Sweet Potato Pie

By:  Whitley Fleming mama stories
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whitleynatalief underrated, but I am ok with that✌🏾
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Missing you like Sweet Potato Pie

Sweet Potato Pie By: Whitley Fleming

Mama today I miss your sweet potato pie Not for the taste, but to use it as my alibi My excuse to ask God for one more day One more day or even a few hours is all a pray

Mama your sweet potato pie was bursting of flavor But it’s your warm embrace that I need to savor Her kisses were as sweet as sugar, her hugs the taste of nutmeg Dear God I just need a little time to ask her how many eggs?

Here I am again trying to justify my want for God’s need All I need is her to tell me her recipe, Lord I’m sorry to impede She enhanced me like the vanilla extract, someone I could always trust Mama you held my tears in like the crispy golden crust

God I thank you for the time I had, yet I’m still devastated Couldn’t she have used whole milk? I’m lost since she evaporated.

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