Nearly Drowning By: Whitley Fleming
Nearly Drowning

By: Whitley Fleming
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whitleynatalief underrated, but I am ok with that✌🏾
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Money will consume you. Will your soul be bought?

Nearly Drowning By: Whitley Fleming

Money green, money greed Her eyes is only set on her own needs Looking out for self, only seeking out monetary wealth No heart to give; she is in spiritually poor health

Brain dead to love unless the financial gain is numerous Planting money seeds is the sole purpose of her uterus. Corrupt seeds and her unethical soil, her fruit barren Lack of compassion, she’ll be lost until she starts caring

Caring for others and cherishing life Putting money before God will always cause eternal strife Living above her means, striving for validation Her merits are based on others opinions and justification

She is Tina and her love for money is Ike. A Psychologically beating bc she is connected to Facebook likes. Massive house, luxurious car yet living check to check God wouldn’t have her struggling with water above her neck.

Her lack of buoyancy and nothing but water surrounding The devils greed got her nearly drowning.

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