I'm Still Angry at You.
I'm Still Angry at You. anxiety stories

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She hurt me. She hurt me. Why did she do it in the first place? Why does it bother me so much? This peice of writing is about the pain that I felt after one of my most beloved friends betrayed me, and how their memory keeps coming back to me. Hope you like it! :)
NOTE: Profanity.

I'm Still Angry at You.

She hurt you.

She hurt you.

She hurt you.

And there must be a reason.


Why did you hurt me?

What did I do to you

except for tell you

that I didn't want to

hurt myself?

Why did you attack me?

Why did you make me so scared

that I chose not to run again?

I was so scared of what you'd

say if I went home.

Instead I ran when we were

going to do the trick.

It was 2 times!

You calmly brought me back

the first time,

but when I ran again

you attacked me.

You jerk.

Couldn't you see

that I was scared of getting hurt?

But we did that damn trick

and we were both hurt

by it.

I had bruises,

some cuts,

and a pounding headache.

You later said that your leg felt funny.

But you know what

you did to me after

we both got hurt?

You wrestled me

To the ground.


Betrayal hurts,

you know that?

Damn you.

I hate you.

And I also blame you

for a little bit of

the enormous feeling

of anger inside of me.

Yeah, heck yeah I blame you,

but I also blame myself.

I think that I hurt you

when I told you

I didn't want to be friends


Isn't that twisted?

But the thing is,

you got mad at me

and called me disrespectful.

I'm disrespectful?

You're the one to talk.

Sure, you said sorry.

Sorry won't fix anything!

You hurt me.

Sorry doesn't fix memories.

Sorry does nothing,

and it definitely doesn't

patch up your mistake.

I blame myself for being there

in the first place.

I hope you feel guilty for the

rest of your corrupted life!

Because you deserve it!

Heck, you may have wished

me happy birthday,

but I am still angry at you!

And you are going to forever

live with my anger

and your guilt and sadness!


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