What Have You Done
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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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It is what it is until it ain't anymore.

What Have You Done

by wethedreamers

What have you done, my wayward love?

The weight of the cross you bear..

Is heavier; steadier, please be careful, for your burdens say "Handle with care."

What have you done? What did you do?

You know that I know that you knew.

To think love was easier for those with chances...

Imagine the love when it's doomed.

What have you done, what have you done?

The carelessness is working.

The crack in my voice when I repeated myself.

The break of courage, the fractured bravery, the hurting.

And what do we do now, my dear?

How do we cut through the dread?

Still head over heels for your sapphire eyes

But you would look to the skies instead.

To that of which will never be

Because, because, because...

The effort put in to pull asunder all our wonder..

Well, I wish you had spent that on us.

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