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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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I do.

I Exist

by wethedreamers

I exist in every sense that I know of and deny.

Also in ways I am unaware; I exist in the theory of why.

Atoms upon atoms, building me as they bond.

Molecules Particles Pro Neu Electrons

I exist in the same sense of many majestic things.

I see so much glory, and I too could be a glorious being.

I exist in memory that I've long since forgotten.

Those memories that others remember, a fact I think of often.

I exist as someone to someone who saw me weep with grief.

I exist as someone to someone who once saw me giddy with glee.

It boggles and baffles that amazingly...

There are so many different versions of me.

I exist in the dawn as a quiet poet who thinks.

I exist in the arms of a lover who dreams.

I don't exist to only spawn, to only serve, to only be yours

I do not exist to be only a daughter, only a friend, only "she" or only "her."

I exist in the sense of the flick of a deity's wrist.

I exist in the logic of absolute nothingness.

I exist in the time of the visual of a billow of smoke.

I exist here and there. Here I am! There I go!

I exist in sadness and in doubt and in pain.

I exist in beauty, and in love, and in happenstance again.

I exist even when I don't really want to.

Still I do. I exist. I am here. And so are you.

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