Empty Eyes
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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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Empty Eyes

Leave the light on for the sake of my trust, Or my empty eyes will have to adjust.

Otherwise, I'm walking blind; dependent on my empty eyes.

That scan atmospheres that don't need me here; Flashing visions seen back yesteryear.

That used to hold a life inside those solemn, little empty eyes.

What saw, in alarm, the catalyst for sirens. Bit the tongue so much, you now live in silence.

And the shamefulness in the quiet lies watered in my empty eyes.

Which cascades down a porcelain, emotionless face... After a burned bridge caused the rivers to break..

...And flooded the streets, then filled up the skies with falling stars from empty eyes.

That still hold hope, however little remains. Pandora, she weeps, for we are the same:

Who made a mess, confessed... Then sighed.

Wow. Your empty eyes look a lot like mine.

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