Christmas Makes Me Sad
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wethedreamers And we're a million miles away.
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"Next year, all our troubles will be miles away."

Christmas Makes Me Sad

by wethedreamers

I'd drape you in velvet, lined with diamonds and gold

Give you the best to fend off the worst of the cold.

Fill up my arms with all you need me to hold.

I'd put your world on my back.

But Christmas makes me sad.

I'd give kisses out freely under every fancied bough holly

Run through the streets laughing when the winter winds start calling.

I'd fall on my knees in belief and start crawling

Spirit is not what I lack.

Christmas just makes me sad.

It seems people get older and life goes on.

I feel like I'm the only one.

Blinded by lights and and peace and love.

But I just see a darkened calm before a storm.

Christmas makes me sad.

So I feign joy to choke back the tears

Cheshire Cat smile from ear to ear.

"Maybe next Christmas," has grown into years.

It's so hard looking back.

Christmas makes me sad.

I think of those that I've lost who no longer are there.

My once crowded street is not a forgotten thoroughfare.

Home isn't a home. Just a shelter from the rain.

Christmas and I are mournful, yet which of us has changed?

I don't know. Christmas just makes me sad.

So, I'll put on "Home Alone" with cookies and cocoa in hand.

And loudly, I'll blast "Holiday For Swing" by Seth MacFarlane.

Wear the silly sweaters you like (..that I don't understand)

I will joke, and dance, and laugh.

But Christmas still makes me sad.

So to those who feel the same, I share your silent words.

Your pain is felt by me and I shall choke upon your hurt.

Maybe it happens every year and this year maybe is the worst

It's okay to feel bad.

It's okay if Christmas makes you sad.

I hope you don't get sad anymore.

I love you. Happy holidays. And many many more.

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