The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 4 of 4]
The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 4 of 4] fantasy stories

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"Legend of the Dragons" is a fantasy short story I wrote while in my 20's. It is a tale of struggle, discovery and most importantly of soul mates <3

I have a free PDF ebook of this story on my Wordpress Blog: https://westleynash.home....

Also a spoken word version of an early edit on my YouTube Channel:

Links only seem to work on Commaful's Desktop version. You can also find my work on YouTube and Wordpress by searching for "#thoughtsofsteel"

Best wishes everyone and keep writing :-)
Westley xx

The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 4 of 4]

Ignoring all other opponents the two Dragon's charged at each other,

colliding with such a force that the solid ground trembled like paper in the wind

and the shockwave sent soldiers, horses and war machines tumbling through the air!

This aptly announced the start of a mighty battle of which both the Sun and the Moon would come to bear witness.

Fighting harder than they had ever fought before, neither Dragon could gain victory over the other.

Every attack disarmed!

Every blow deflected!

The two creatures were moving and thinking like one life force.

It was becoming increasingly difficult to tell whether what greeted the eye was a fight to the death

or a dance of passion!

But as the days and the nights rolled on, the Dragons became weary.

Their muscles ached, their heart's laboured...

They fell to the floor exhausted...

The Blue Dragon of the West was surprised,

as never before had another been able to know him so intimately.

The Green Dragon of the East was as equally amazed, as never before had another been able to understand her so intensely.

Gradually, as their energy slowly recovered the two Dragon's rose to their feet.

There were no sounds, not even the song of a single bird or the rustle of the leaves.

Only the icy winds as they drifted across the open plains.

They looked around to find themselves the only ones left alive on the battlefield.

The bodies of a thousand soldiers and warriors lay rotting on the ground

as the hungry buzzards stabbed and pecked at their lifeless corpses.

Within that moment a shared epiphany struck firm within them both.

That after so many long and solitary years, they had finally found the one thing they had both been yearning for...

Two souls rejoining as one!

And so from that day forth the two Dragon's shared an unbreakable bond,

one so strong that everybody knew if one Dragon was seen

then the other was never far behind.

Driven by their new found love and compassion,

no longer by sorrow and fear,

they chose to never again side with the people's ruling authorities.

They would instead protect the weak and the helpless,

while striking fear into all those who would seek harm of the innocent.

The Blue Dragon of the West

and the Green Dragon of the East

became simply known as...

The Dragons!

The End?... [artworks by Westley Nash]

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