The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 2 of 4]
The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 2 of 4] fantasy stories

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"Legend of the Dragons" is a fantasy short story I wrote while in my 20's. It is a tale of struggle, discovery and most importantly of soul mates <3

I have a free PDF ebook of this story on my Wordpress Blog: https://westleynash.home....

Also a spoken word version of an early edit on my YouTube Channel:

Links only seem to work on Commaful's Desktop version. You can also find my work on YouTube and Wordpress by searching for "#thoughtsofsteel"

Best wishes everyone and keep writing :-)
Westley xx

The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 2 of 4]

As the years passed, the Dragon's came to be known by all who shared the land with them.

The Blue Dragon of the West was honourable and the people would lay gifts at his feet.

The Green Dragon of the East was benevolent and so the people would sing songs of her glory.

One day while the Blue Dragon rested peacefully beneath the shady branches of a crooked old oak tree,

he was approached by a huge army!

This band of heavily armed men and women pleaded for his support so that they may finally rid themselves of their infernal enemies far off in the east!

The Blue Dragon had never really shown any interest in such petty human affairs, yet at the same time found himself pondering a thought.

For he hadn't travelled very far into the east and with his untiring need for answers burning brighter than ever,

the vision of new territories to explore proved more than alluring.

So rising to his feet, golden eyes gleaming in the sunlight, the Blue Dragon vowed with full conviction to assist this army with their conflict.

Little did he know that his choice would soon bring about an event so magnificent that the God's themselves would stand watching in awe!..

For you see, at the same exact time far away in the eastern provinces,

while bathing in the cool waters of a lake,

the Green Dragon was also approached by an army!

This armed force implored for her assistance, to help liberate them from their accursed enemies who were always threatening their safety from the west.

The Green Dragon also cared so very little about the daily circumstances of the human population,

however in this moment she found herself in similar contemplation.

For she had always planned to chart the western provinces some day,

and now suddenly here was the perfect opportunity to do just that.

So with her age old need for discovery still pulling strong within her,

the Green Dragon emerged from out of the water, silver eyes glinting like diamonds, and promised to aid this army with their struggle,

agreeing to help destroy their enemies in the west!

Part 3 to follow shortly... [artworks by Westley Nash]

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