The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 1 of 4]
The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 1 of 4] fantasy stories

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"Legend of the Dragons" is a fantasy short story I wrote while in my 20's. It is a tale of struggle, discovery and most importantly of soul mates <3

I have a free PDF ebook of this story on my Wordpress Blog: https://westleynash.home....

Also a spoken word version of an early edit on my YouTube Channel:

Links only seem to work on Commaful's Desktop version. You can also find my work on YouTube and Wordpress by searching for "#thoughtsofsteel"

Best wishes everyone and keep writing :-)
Westley xx

The Legend of the Dragons - [Part 1 of 4]

It is said that while the Sun sheltered behind the moon

a bright star fell from the heavens.

Upon striking the earth, this star split into two halves.

One half was thrown to the west, while the other half was thrown to the east.

When the two halves of this star finally came to rest,

from deep within their hollow centre's a dragon emerged.

The Dragon of the West was as blue as the brightest morning sky,

with eyes like burning golden embers.

The Dragon of the East was as green as the deepest emerald,

and had eyes shimmering like silver mercury.

Neither dragon had any memory of its origin from that fallen star

nor any knowledge of the other's existence.

But they did find themselves toiling daily with a strong and vexatious need.

But a need of what?..

Sadly they did not know.

And this question would remain shrouded in mystery for many years to come,

while they explored tirelessly across these lands,

forever searching an answer to this existential longing...

Part 2 to be posted soon [artworks by Westley Nash)

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