"Reminisce" (living in a moment past)
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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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“Reminisce” is a poem that I wrote back in 2007 after my life as I knew it completely collapsed! Though rather depressive and defeatist this poem really speaks to me even now, as I recently suffered a similar collapse after having built up my life from scratch only to see it all fall down once again. It serves to me as both a reminder of what I have overcome and a warning of what to avoid in the future.

Best wishes
Westley xx

You can find a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube channel by searching #thoughtsofsteel.

"Reminisce" (living in a moment past)

As I sit and reflect upon my life I find I can't help but reminisce,

of a time I once lived long ago and which I now so greatly miss.

So many faces of friends long departed and countless events of which I enjoyed.

But what I now relive as mere fond old memories were once a daily routine I employed.

It was a time when I felt I knew exactly who I was, when I knew exactly where to go.

It was a time when I had ambitions to advance and many trophies lined up to show.

It was probably the last time I can clearly recall when my life felt on track.

And it was certainly the very last time that I never once looked back!

What I had was really special, maybe even the greatest moments I can claim.

Although I fear the saddest truth now faced is things will never be that great again...

Artwork by Westley Nash #thoughtsofsteel

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