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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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I've been a naturally quiet person my whole life and I've felt like an alien because of it numerous times...

I have a spoken word version of this on my YouTube Channel:

Best wishes and keep on writing :-)
Westley xx

Planet Glogtoo

by Westley Nash

It can be a little surreal being a quiet person at times.

Because some people will treat you as if you're a big green six limbed alien from the Planet Glogtoo

Who rides upon a neon painted unicycle

as they happily recite the oxford dictionary backwards,

while juggling radioactive horseradishes

and balancing a toilet brush atop their gigantic pulsating head...

Dressed in nothing but flip-flops!..

[artwork by Westley Nash] #thoughtsofsteel

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