Left Behind
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westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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To lose a loved one is the most loneliest of feelings...

I have a spoken word version of this poem on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/zJ22VgfX...

Left Behind

I'd never ever felt this way until you had to say goodbye.

A feeling of loss so intense it's like I actually might die!

I can't eat, I can't sleep, your face is all that I see.

My chest feels so tight that sometimes I can't even breathe.

For it's not like you have just moved from one town to the next.

Where you've gone I cannot follow, unless I take drastic steps...

Just carrying on without you feels like I'm saying that I don't care,

but I don't know what else to do... My god this isn't fair!

I'm told I need to get through this, that things get easier in time.

But it's the worst feeling I've ever known, to be the one who's left behind...

[Artwork by Westley Nash]

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