I Wish That I Could Write For You Again...
I Wish That I Could Write For You Again... love stories

westleynash Sharing a life as felt through my heart.
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Even though the relationship may be over, the feelings always remain...

I wrote this poem many years ago. There is a spoken word version on my YouTube Channel: https://youtu.be/u_8zpU53...

If the link is not available, if you search "#thoughtsofsteel" on YouTube to find my channel / videos.

Best wishes and keep on writing... Westley xx

I Wish That I Could Write For You Again...

by Westley Nash

I wish that I could write for you again.

I wish that I could unleash this fierce love and desire that calls to you.

Set free a longing so instinctual that the words will throw themselves onto the page with such ease.

I wish that I could describe to you in detail,

my intricate patchwork of generous affections and profound emotions that burn forever hot within me;

laid out only for you to discover as if reading a tale of spectacular creative wonder!

I wish that my sentences could once again craft with a mere stroke of the pen,

messages of unrestrained passion grown solely to feed your gentle heart.

All these things and so much more,

I would give to you my love!..

I just really wish that I could.


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