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An old lag invites three of his old cellmates around to his apartment for a reunion drink. But things aren't quite what they expect..

Best Served Cold

by wendy breytenbach JANE MAXWELL

Sitting on a barstool in an expensive warehouse apartment on the banks of the canal, Reg enjoyed a beer.. His visitors would be here shortly.

The door bell rang and he opened it to see three faces he'd seen every day for many years 'Come in Aubrey, Jimmy and Carl. Quite like old times. Glad you could make it.'

'All together again. Like old times eh.?'Jimmy looked around appreciatively. 'Nice place you have here Reg. Hope you have good security,'

'It suits my purpose for now,' replied Reg taking his coat. 'Forgive me,' said Aubrey, 'I cant stay long. I have a bankers meeting. What's this all about?'

'All in good time,' said Reg. 'Make yourselves comfortable. What can I get you guys to drink?'

They settled down , Reg with his beer, Aubrey with his vodka and lime, Jimmy with his rum and coke and Carl with his dry martini. 'A change from the old cell, hey?' said Jimmy

'A toast,' said Reg raising his glass. 'To Libration.' They all drained their glasses and sat back. Aubrey looked at his watch. 'Its getting late. I must go. Why are we here?'

In the next instant he bent double holding his stomach. Suddenly all three were rolling on the floor in agony.

'Aaaaagh!' gasped Jimmy. 'What did you put in my drink?' 'Oh just a smidgen of cianide,' said Reg. 'The pain will be gone soon.' 'Aaaaagh! Why?'

'You broke into a house Jimmy, roughed up the woman and stole her jewellery whilst her husband was away unable to protect her.'

'Owwww!' groaned Aubrey. 'Why me?' You betrayed the trust of your customers Aubrey. You stole bonds which had been put into your safe keeping.'

'Awwwww!' moaned Carl, 'Why me?' 'You are the worst Carl. You raped a beautiful young girl who trusted you................

Her father shot the wrong man. He spent 15 years inside for murder mixing with scum like you lot, because the money for a good defence lawyer had disappeared from his bank..........

.....Whilst he was inside his wife was so badly beaten in a robbery that she'll never walk again.' Reg went around the room removing fingerprints and washing glasses.

When he reached the door he looked back at the three men doubled up in pain and grinned.

'Incidently, no one knows I've been here. Ipicked the lock, a skill I learnt from you, Jimmy. The caretaker will find you in the morning. Sweet dreams.' He closed the door.

He breathed a sigh of relief. Now he could get on with his life. Justice had been served.

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