Old mans tale
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He is sitting on the beach Looking at the waves

Old mans tale

He is sitting on the beach

Looking at the waves

Listening to their screech

Mourning at their graves

It all took place

Back in the day

She was beauty and grace

And god heard his pray

He approached her

Just to say hi

And even though she was insecure

His eyes she couldn’t deny

They started going out

It was beyond amazing

They knew without a doubt

That a child they would be raising

As years went by

It was the boys fate

But as hard as they tried

They couldn’t grant him a mate

So one day they decided

To sail the ocean

But the ship collided

After he found the last emotion

For the next ten years

He will sit in sorrow

Staring at the piers

Waiting for a new tomorrow

He could never change his fate

Or what he has done

All he could do was wait

For she was pregnant with another one

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