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weirdkidlife Community member
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Dear Boy in the Purple Shoes,

I saw you at the restaurant tonight. You were bouncing around your table and teaching your grandma how to use Instagram. You were being so sweet with her, even though she couldn't quite figure out how to use filters or hashtags.

You told her she was doing a "great job" and then you both laughed because you both knew that wasn't true. But it didn't matter. It was clear you just loved spending time together.

She told you she loved your purple shoes. You smiled big and then quietly told her that the boys at school said "real guys don't wear purple shoes."

You shrugged your shoulders and said it didn't matter what they thought---but she could tell that it bugged you, just a little bit.

It’s okay that you like purple shoes. Or pink shoes. Air Jordans or ballet shoes.

You are allowed to express yourself the way YOU want. So don’t be afraid to embrace all the awesome things that make you, YOU!

Here’s a secret: The sooner you accept yourself for who YOU are, the sooner others will too. 🎯

Boy In The Purple Shoes

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