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// just a glimpse into a new perspective on love //

// the madness within //

we place our trust

under lock and key,

and keep our secrets locked

within the metal doors

of our mind.

not a word uttered

from our mouths

would contain

a glimpse of

that which is hidden,

but we continue

to give ourselves up

and give ourselves out

in the conquest of love.


a funny word

for a funny topic.

funny because it’s

not ever fully understood,

but we’re

fully immersed in it.

“in love”

is a feeling of euphoria,

one that clouds all sense of reality,

a feeling of paralysis,

and uncontrollable anxiety,

that takes our breath away,

in a way that makes us feel

as if we never want it back.

a game of give and take

in order to stay in balance,

not within ourselves,

but within one another,

in which the prize is none other

than the acceptance of ourselves

by the one we call our own.

we hide the instability

of our own lives

in hope to create

a level ground for others

to walk along,

but not walk all over.

for walking all over

would create a divergence,

an inequality of power,

with no middle ground,

but would that still

account for love?

the question we ask ourselves

as we intertwine our limbs

in close quarters,

is always

am i enough?

when maybe we should be asking

am i too much?

the constant dissonance

between loving and existing

might not be because of

giving too little of ourselves,

but rather giving too much,

at which one should ask themself

if the trail of feathery kisses

they leave on the neck

of their other half

leads them to finding themselves,

and finding a home,

or leaves them wandering

towards a dead end

of worry and despair,

one filled with a different kind of anxiety,

one that makes us doubt

ever opening our mind

from behind locked metal doors

and opening our mouths

to provide a glimpse

of the madness within.

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